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Transposition Functions

This module builds on the Transposition module by illustrating how to create transposition-related functions. In the previous module, we covered how to identify how two melodies were related by transposition. In this module, we’ll create a few transposition-related functions. Let’s start out with a function to transpose a given melody. We’ll use the motif from […]


This module demonstrates how to perform the post-tonal transposition operation on pitches and pitch classes. There are two ways of thinking about transposition in post-tonal music: as a way of measuring distance between notes, or as an operation that can be applied to notes. Let’s start with two notes, G4 and C5, given as 67 […]

Pitch and Pitch Class

In this module, we’ll find the pitch class for each pitch of a melody. In post-tonal music, we draw a distinction between pitch and pitch class. Pitch refers to a specific note in a specific range. Pitch class refers to a class of notes that share the same name, plus enharmonic equivalents. A good analogy […]