Python Installation

Get started with Python by following the installation instructions.

Here are a few options we recommend for running Python:

Terminal (Mac)

You can run Python directly in the Terminal on a Mac (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal). This allow you to get going right away without installing any additional software.

Using an IDE

You can download a software program called an “integrated development environment,” or IDE, in which you can edit and run your code. Many IDEs provide auto-completion features and flag spelling and syntax errors automatically, guiding you along the way.

Some popular IDEs for beginners include IDLE and Thonny. More advanced (i.e. full-featured, but more complex) IDEs include Atom, Sublime Text and Spyder.

Using a Specific Distribution

Python is available in different bundles or distributions that include libraries and tools specific to specific fields. One distribution popular for data science is Anaconda.

Web-Based Environments

You can run Python in your web browser by using tools like Jupyter Notebook and Colaboratory.

For more on Python, visit this site, or this page specifically made for beginners.